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5000 Square foot of studio space, plenty of parking, full kitchen, 2 bathrooms, 5 separate sets, cyc wall, and a green room; we can accommodate you and your entire crew comfortably with room to spare. Whether a big studio, independent film company, or local photographer, we can be the go-to, stress-free location for your next project.

No crew? We can also provide further help if you need a few extra hands. With union certified grips and editors we can give your project the professional attention it deserves. There are also edit suites on standby for onsite DIT and media transcoding.

-Prices set for crews 5 or smaller.


Shared Equipment Listings:

With the plethora of individual photographers and videographers in the atlanta area, Industry Atlanta provides the resources to get everyone on the same page with Shared Equipment Rentals. Whether a simple grip clip, or a RED EPIC, everyone can collectively rent, barter, and trade with each-other right here in one place. Click here for more details…

X4 Kino Flo Lights 5200k • $200 DayX2 Manfrotto Tripods • $20 DayX3 150W Photo Lights with remote shoe • $50 DayDIT Station • $75 DayX2 D800's W/ Various Lenses • $20 Day4X 100W Photo Light Kit with Remote Shoe • $100 DayAudio Boom Stand & Mics • $80 Day1 ALZO Digital Twin & 2 ALZO Digital Quads • $120 Day200W & 650W Mole Richardson Co. Studio Lights • $80 Day4X 100W Photo Light Kit with Remote Shoe • $100 Day2X MIni Flo's • $80 Day